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Is an Australian publisher, specialising in the production of quality, education-based dance publications. Our flagship product, The Dancer’s Journal is a unique book designed specifically for the passionate dancer.


It’s the ultimate resource to keep track of everything relating to dance. Record progress and achievements, organise class notes, teacher’s comments, special dates and events, and much, much more…






About the Author - Andrea Dalton

Former Principal: Andrea Dalton Dance Dynamics (1980-2013)

Dip.Teaching - Primary Education Queensland, Australia

Dip.Dance Teaching and Management


Andrea has an extensive background in many styles of dance education. As the principal of a renowned dance school in Queensland Australia for 33 years, she has also travelled extensively abroad as an examiner for ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing).


In 2014, she co-authored a Preschool Dance Program ‘Imagine – A Place to Be Me’. This successful program is being taught by dance educators both nationally and internationally. Andrea has drawn on her years of experience and love of dance to produce this wonderful journal. Suitable for students 8 years and over, studying any genre of dance.


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